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Desperate Glory

'There are not enough Indians in the world to defeat the Seventh Cavalry.' -George Armstrong Custer

'All we wanted was peace and to be left alone... then Long Hair came.' -Crazy Horse

With the temperature hovering near 100 degrees, the thin blue line of cavalry troopers moved in a northwesterly direction. Just off a forced night march, they were weary, but the sense of imminent battle ignited a combination of fear and excitement that so often accompanies men into combat. Led by the golden haired 'Boy General', the man who never sounded a retreat, their victory was certain.

Not far away in the dusty Sioux-Cheyenne village, the largest in Indian history, things moved more slowly. Up to two thousand warriors had gathered there, also confident. Their tribal elder, Chief Sitting Bull, had told them that victory would be theirs. And, like the cavalry approaching, they were also led by a charismatic and undefeated warrior, the enigmatic Tasunka Witko, or Crazy Horse. Today would be their day. Today would be a day for revenge and redepmtion.

The sun passed its zenith in the sky as the afternoon came on, the breeze blowing through the tall greasy grass. And riding on that wind, was Destiny.

It was a hot day.

It was a good day to die.
To Garry Owen and Glory
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Desperate Glory is an abstracted company level tactical combat game covering the Battle of the Little Bighorn. It pits Custer's divided 7th Cavalry against the largest gathering of Sioux-Cheyenne Warriors in history. Each map 'hex' represents about 20 yards and each turn represents about 5 minutes of real time.
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'... big village, be quick!'
Desperate Glory employs the classic 'I GO - YOU GO' turn based war gaming system, within a user friendly interface designed for quick play and immediate combat resolution.
For example, an entire Maneuver Group or Section can be ordered to perform a battle action with a few clicks of the mouse. However, those who enjoy 'pushing counters' can still control units at an individual level for a finer level of control.
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Soldiers Falling into Camp
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Desperate Glory allows players to mount-up as either of the two of the most legendary and aggressive leaders in modern History: Lt Col George Armstrong Custer, and Crazy Horse. The original battle was never a forgone conclusion. Here the same situation, options and possibilities are presented you to make of what you can.
The game includes a historically realistic map of the terrain in the area, along with accurate force representations in terms of abilities, weaponry, and command. Fog of War is also modeled.
Other features include: Streamlined User Interface, Updated Graphics and Sound, Instant Turn Replays, Updated and Adaptive AI, and more...
Write Your Own History
Desperate Glory includes a wide range of both historical and legendary battle options ranging from force levels and quality to weapon types and capabilities. What if Custer never divided the 7th? What if the Indian Village was smaller? What if the Sioux-Cheyenne were only armed with Bows? Find out for yourself:
  • The 7th United.
  • The 2nd Rides with the 7th.
  • Roll out the Gatlin' Guns.
  • Different Indian Village Size and Readiness.
  • Adjusted Arms/Ammunition Levels.
  • Variable Sighting Range, FOW, and more...
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Play Options
  • Single player vs. the AI
  • Play by email (PBEM)
  • Two player hot-seat
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  • 1.8 GHz Pentium/equivalent
  • Windows XP or greater
  • 2 GB of RAM
  • 150 MB free space on hard drive

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$29.95 (CD + Download)
$19.95 (Download Only)
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