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Tigers Unleashed

The enemy is out there... somewhere in the first light of dawn. Waiting. You've made your plans. Issued your orders. The forces are ready, confidence is high. The sharp report of a machine gun signals that contact has been made. What seemed so clear just moments before, now starts to become cloudy. The sounds of heavy weapons echo though the valleys around you. You move slightly to obtain a better viewpoint. Some of the fighting you can now see directly. Some you can hear. Some, though, you know only from the reports coming in from your units or the flashes of the guns in the distance. Smoke can be seen drifting up behind the trees where your tank support was stationed. Why? Are they still there? Are they firing? And what are those dust trails off in the distance?

As doubts begin to creep in, critical time is spent getting new orders to your units. Your well-laid plans are crumbling, as you frantically try to get ahead of the situation. Desperate, you find yourself guessing and hoping, because you're still unsure of exactly where the enemy is. Cursing yourself for not keeping a reserve close at hand, you briefly think about A Company out in those advanced positions. They've been taking heavy artillery fire, and you haven't heard anything from them in what seems like ages... and now the dust trails are getting closer on the exposed left flank. A lieutenant appears, “Sir, B Company is pinned down and almost out of ammo, while C Company is stuck at a blown bridge. We still have no word from A Company, and the tanks are late. What are your orders?

Welcome to the world of the combat commander.
The Basics
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Tigers Unleashed is a unique, ultra-realistic tactical/grand-tactical level combat simulation set on the Eastern Front of World War Two between 1939-1942. It is a strategy-type game, where the player assumes the role of a combat Task Force Commander responsible for anything from a ski infantry company to a heavy panzer battlegroup. The basic units are squads and platoons, which are used as building blocks to create larger units.

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Take Command
What makes Tigers Unleashed different from other wargames is its focus. It provides a physically and historically accurate portrayal of tactical combat, with special emphasis on the experience of command. It puts you squarely in the leader's role, simulating conditions as he would actually experience them. Here, information and communications are all-important. Your soldiers are humans - and they act like it. Your orders take time to process and implement. Fog of war is pervasive – often leaving you with incomplete and/or outdated information. Click for full size
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The Details
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Tigers Unleashed is not a “beer-and-pretzels” type of game, though it does include user-settable modes that allow it to be played in a more relaxed manner. Instead, Tigers Unleashed is:
  • Exactingly realistic, using rigorous physics and empirical material properties in firing, damage, sighting, communications, and weather modeling.
  • Profoundly detailed, including individual round calculations, positions to the nearest meters for each weapon system (tank, soldier, gun, etc.), exact communications transmissions (including radio, visual, smoke, and runners), dust trails, forest fires, and urban warfare among many other things.
  • Historical, containing in-depth information and data such as weapons system and ammunition specifications and tables of organization for all combatants on the Eastern Front from platoon to division level. It also includes a Sandbox Utility that can be used as a “combat calculator” for other games or miniatures.


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But Wait.. There's More!
And this barely begins to scrach the surface. Tigers Unleased is also:
  • Comprehensive, encompassing land, naval, and air combat systems, along with a myriad of combat support types such as combat/construction engineers, spotters, command and control units, mines, obstacles, improved positions, airborne drops, naval landings, special operations, tunnels, rail units, and much more.
  • Military-based. It incorporates many types of military command and control measures such as SOP's, DF/IF targeting points, and communication messages.
  • Supremely customizable, as players can change fog of war levels, command/control delay, unit values, force structures, weather, map scale, time scale, and a host of other factors. It also uses “geo-morphic” maps which allow players to quickly create playing areas of their choice in terms of terrain and size.
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Capable AI
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The AI in Tigers Unleashed can do almost everything a human player can, including force selection and placement, placement of obstacles and engineering works, formulating and issuing unit orders, targeting, calling for artillery and air support, and managing information. In fact, the AI Adjutant is always at the player's side to help him with these functions as well.
Tigers Unleashed Play Options
  • Single player vs. the AI
  • Play by email (PBEM)
  • Two player hot-seat
  • AI vs. AI
  • Note: There is no direct Internet/LAN play option.
  • 2.5 GHz Pentium/equivalent
  • Windows XP or greater
  • 1 GB MB of RAM
  • 500 MB free space on hard drive


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