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Patriot Battles

'The reflection upon my situation, and that of this Army,produces many an uneasy hour when all around me arewrapped in sleep. Few People know the predicament weare in... If I shall be able to rise superior to these, and manyother difficulties which might be enumerated, I shall most religiously believe that the finger of Providence is in it.'
      General George Washington, 1777
'Stand Your Ground Men...
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Don't fire unless fired upon. But if they mean to have a war, let it begin here.'
-Captain Jonas Parker, Lexington Green, 1775.
Patriot Battles is a unique abstracted game system covering some of the most important and notable battles of the American Revolutionary War. The scenarios included simulate historical troop allocations, command and supply issues, and important battlefield terrain considerations. Unit and time scales are entirely abstracted and depending on the scenario, may represent anywhere from a platoon and minutes to a regiment and hours.

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Don't Tread On Me!
Patriot Battles was designed to be a quick, fun, interactive, and easily played turn based combat game. Entire battlefield sections and even entire armies can be commanded with just a few clicks of the mouse. All battles are abstracted to a 16x9 hex grid and most battles can be completed in around 30 minutes. The game's inherent random command point system helps to create tough choices within a turn segment and insures a high amount of replay value within most scenarios.
Patriot Battles combines the look, feel, and editing capabilities of digital Gamework's Vengeance. However, Patriot Battles has a comparatively lighter flavor, and is designed for general gaming and enjoyment with less focus on the details of individual engagements.
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Don't Be Out-Generaled
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John Adams may have thought that, 'in general, we were out-generaled', but war is a complicated business. Despite its abstract nature, Patriot Battles has many features that help recreate the capabilities, limitations, and feel of battles of the period. For example: Infantry, skirmishers, dragoons, artillery, crack grenadiers, mobile light infantry, inexperienced militia, and leaders great and dubious.
It also includes higher level options including Command levels, reinforcements, ammunition levels and supply, variable AI and adjutant settings, redoubts and entrenchments.
Patriot Battles offers a wide range of play/design options for battles, armies, and units.
The Whites Of Their Eyes
Patriot Battles includes 18 scenarios, which cover a wide range of important or notable historic battles from the American Revolutionary War ranging from Bunker Hill to the Storming of the Redoubts at Saratoga. Others include:
  • Trenton
  • Camden
  • Brandywine
  • Oriskany
  • Cowpens
All scenarios can be played with a human or AI commander for either (or both) sides.
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Integrated Battle Builder
With the integrated 'BattleBuilder' scenario editor, you can create or modify battles, units, or terrain types and effects.
The BattleBuilder also includes a Symbol Editor. Using it allows you can add custom unit or terrain symbols then set their properties in the Battle Builder to suit your personal preferences or scenario's specific needs.
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  • 1.8 GHz Pentium/equivalent
  • Windows XP or greater
  • 2 GB of RAM
  • 150 MB free space on hard drive


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