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IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to changing Microsoft's installation folder specifications, downloaded or newer-made disks may install the programs to different default folders than older disks or original versions. Therefore ALWAYS double-check that you are installing updates to the correct folder on your system, and afterward verify that the version is correct from the program's Help | About box.
For example, the current default install folder is 'C:\HPS Simulations'.
Previous default folders were: 'C:\Program Files', and 'C:\Program Files (x86)'.
Aide de Camp
Air Campaigns of WWII
Ancient Warfare
Civil War Battles
Decisive Action
Digital Gameworks / JLSSG
Early American Wars
Marching Eagles
Modern Air Power
Modern Campaigns
Musket & Pike
Napoleonic Battles
Naval Campaigns
Panzer Campaigns
Tactical Studies Series (TSS)
Squad Battles
Total War in Europe
First World War Campaigns
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